The Original Body Farm

Well, my adventure has finally begun, and I got to visit the world renowned Forensic Anthropology Centre at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville.  It didn't disappoint.

I was lucky enough to meet with Dr Dawnie Steadman, the director of the facility.  Dr Steadman gave me an overview of the history of the facility, as well what they are doing at present and where they hope to go in the future in terms of research and development.

I was shown round the facility, and had the privilege of seeing some of the current research.  There are thousands of pre-donors - people who have made the decision to leave their bodies to the FAC after they die.  

As can be guessed from the number of people willing to donate their bodies, the facility is very well thought of by the public.  I spoke to a lot of locals about why I was in Knoxville, and I was impressed by the level of support they gave it, and the pride they displayed in it.  I would say they were almost as proud as of the university football team, but the Knoxville Volunteers aren't doing so well this,season!

I'm now in Sydney and looking forward to visiting their body farm next week.

I'll let you know how I get on!


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